the mission, san diego

It’s been ages since I last blogged, but I’m traveling alone in San Diego and found a fabulous restaurant with great gluten-free options, so I thought, “What better way to pass the time than share about the experience here?”

Restaurant: The Mission
Location:1250 J St, San Diego, CA 92101
What I ordered: Passion fruit iced tea, Mission Club on gluten-free grilled rosemary bread, chips and salsa
I found this place using the Find Me Gluten-Free app, which was recently recommended by a friend (and might be a good thing to review here, now that I think about it!). I liked the place as soon as I saw it:

When I sat down to order (off a separate gluten-free menu), I liked it even better: they had gluten-free rosemary bread for sandwiches! When I asked if they grilled it separately, my server asked, “Do you have celiac? We’ll take care of you” (by wiping down down/clean the grill for the grilled rosemary bread). That’s not 100% ideal for the hypersensitive among us, but so helpful and aware I decided to go for it.

The sandwich was amazing:

The bread was light, airy, and delightfully seasoned with rosemary. The fixin’s were great, too: thick slices of turkey and bacon, tasty avocado, tomato, and baby greens, and just the right amount of mayo. Served with a side of thick, crispy tortilla chips and homemade salsa cruda, this was a fabulous lunch. I’m in San Diego all week – I’ll definitely have to come back here!


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  1. CB

    Looks delicious! Next time I’m in San Diego… πŸ™‚

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