I love good food. I always have, and I’m pretty sure I always will! I love eating, cooking, and photographing it. I love making it for others. And I love writing and talking about it. Why? Good food is a testimony to me of God’s goodness and glory, so it brings me great joy to make, discuss, and dream about it. It wasn’t always a such a joyful experience; for more on that, keep reading.

“God can make good use of all that happens. But the loss is still real.”
C.S. Lewis, Out of the Silent Planet

In April 2005, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. For the first year, it mostly felt like a death sentence: “What?! I have to give up bread?! And pasta?! And Grandma’s cookies and cakes?! Who can live like that?!” Without being overly melodramatic, it was a pretty dark time; I was overwhelmed, quickly discovering that finding and eliminating all of the gluten in my diet and kitchen was not an easy task. I was mourning the loss of what was comfortable, familiar, and cultural; suddenly, eating with family and friends at a restaurant or their homes was either impossible or just really, really inconvenient (and a source for accidentally getting “glutened”). For a long while, I was confused, disoriented, and angry at God for allowing what felt like such a miserable, undeserved development in my life.

Over the years, however, God has grown in me a deep sense of joy, thankfulness, and appreciation for this new lifestyle – and, more importantly, for his faithfulness. Having something as precious as “food freedom” and physical health stripped away really revealed how proud, entitled, impatient, and self-absorbed I am, how completely incapable I am to change my heart, and how desperately I need the grace and forgiveness he offers in Jesus. Today, I find great hope and joy in his promise in John 9.3: “This happened so that the works of God might be displayed in [her].” It is my prayer that this blog reflects in some small way the goodness and glory of God that I experience through gluten-free cooking; he has given us many good gifts, and one of those is good food! 🙂

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