food inspirations (links)

gluten-free bloggers:

  • gluten-free girl and the chef: shauna taught me that going gluten-free is not a death sentence, but an adventure!
  • cannelle et vanille: my food photography inspiration – and source of gluten-free gourmet
  • my big fat grain-free life: simple, practical gluten-free (and other -frees) recipes
  • elana’s pantry: elana cooks with a lot of almond meal and agave nectar; her recipes are low-glycemic, high-protein, and very gluten-free! also very tasty.
  • gluten-free cooking school: mary frances has some tasty recipes, and some excellent gluten-free flour mixes for breads, cakes, cookies, and all-purpose.

non-gluten-free food bloggers:

  • a kuk’s kitchen: my good friend Becky’s blog! Tasty, nutritious, and often gluten-free!
  • serious eats: I subscribe to the “dinner tonight” column, but there are other great recipes and resources here.
  • gojee: A new find of beautiful, inspired recipes. My new favorite drink reference (with and without alcohol!).
not blogs, but really great food and cooking resources:
  • the art of simple food: a phenomenal cookbook by Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. Whenever I’m making something for the first time, or wonder what to do with a random ingredient, I look to this cookbook first for inspiration and instruction.
  • one of my favorite websites when I was first diagnosed; some of the recipes are over-the-top gourmet, but it’s a great place for typing in 2-3 random ingredients and seeing what options come up.
  • the healthy college cookbook: best simple, healthy, tasty, and cheap learn-to-cook resource. One of my brothers got it for me as a Christmas present in college and I give it credit for teaching me to enjoy cooking!

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