celiac resources

Are you newly diagnosed with celiac disease or need to cook for someone who is? These are just a handful of the many resources available, and the ones I’ve found the most helpful over the years. If you have recommendations, feel free to post them!

For gluten-free bloggers, see the blog list. Not all of the blogs listed on that page are exclusively gluten-free, but the ones that are, are clearly marked. I’m always looking for new sources of inspiration, so let me know if you have any recommendations here, too!

Resources on celiac disease and gluten-free cooking:

  • csa celiacsa tremendous resource on all things celiac disease: discussion forums, current research, explanation of celiac disease, list of gluten-free (and not-gluten-free) grains, recipes, local support groups, recommended doctors…
  • gluten-free cheat sheetwhat is gluten? where does it hide? what do I need to know to cook gluten-free?
  • food allergy survival guide: an excellent book on the nature/psychology of food allergies, it includes great recipes free of all of the major allergens, and then some. this was an incredible help in the first six months of my diagnosis, when I felt like I couldn’t eat anything

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